Wildlife Medicine For Veterinary Professionals (HARD BACK edition)

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  • Location: Perth, Western Australia
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Introducing the Essential Veterinary Handbook by WA Wildlife – Your Trusted Companion in Treating Western Australia's Native Wildlife! HARD BACK EDITION

Are you a dedicated veterinary professional dealing with sick and injured wildlife at your clinic? Imagine having a practical handbook right at your fingertips, easing the stress of managing these unique patients. Look no further – our handbook is designed exclusively for you!

Tailored for veterinary professionals in general practice (by veterinarians who work at the WA Wildlife Hospital and in general practice), this handbook is an indispensable addition to your library. Wildlife cases often challenge the conventional setup of veterinary clinics, yet they are prevalent all over Western Australia. Be prepared with a comprehensive guide that empowers you with the knowledge needed to handle a diverse range of wildlife species.

Key Features:

  • Species Identification: Easily identify the unique wildlife species that come through your doors. 
  • First Aid: Learn essential first aid techniques tailored to the needs of native wildlife. 
  • Common Conditions: Understand and address prevalent conditions in Western Australia's wildlife. 
  • Diagnostics: Access practical guidelines for efficient diagnostics. 
  • Treatment Plans: Implement effective treatment plans for various wildlife scenarios. 
  • Short-term Husbandry Requirements: Learn to provide crucial short-term care for a successful recovery.

Before transferring patients to licensed rehabilitation providers, our handbook equips you with a highly practical source of information and easy-to-follow guidelines. Gain confidence in administering initial care with precision and efficiency.

About the Author

Authored by WA Wildlife, a wildlife rescue, treatment and rehabilitation facility, our handbook reflects years of expertise. Situated in the Beeliar Wetlands near Bibra Lake, the WA Wildlife Hospital was the first wildlife rehabilitation facility licensed as a veterinary hospital by the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board of Western Australia.

The purpose-built WA Wildlife Hospital treats over 6500 sick and injured native animals annually. As a Sentinel Clinic for Wildlife Health Australia, we are actively involved in disease surveillance and research projects. We also contribute to education through collaborations with tertiary institutions, offering student clinical placements to inspire the next generation of veterinary professionals dedicated to wildlife care.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference. Elevate your wildlife care capabilities with the Wildlife Medicine For Veterinary Professionals Handbook – your go-to resource for providing exceptional care to Western Australia's native wildlife. Order your copy today and be a wildlife hero in your clinic!